Gratitude: The Natural Anti-Depressant

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Rocking Gratitude:   For me gratitude has been the best anti-depressant there is. Its become a morning practice. A training of my mind. When my brother was dying last year I would often wake up already under water with grief and depression. But I found if I looked over the day before, and recorded all that hadworked Read the full article…

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom: How A Broken Culvert Broke My Spirit!

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Funny Story

  This might be a funny story now but in 2008 it was not. My work was slow. The funny business had dried up and I needed to sell my house, pronto. So I de-cluttered and staged the place: put lemons in glass bowls and made bread so it smelled like my grandmother had been on a baking rampage. Three months later, Read the full article…