Positive Feedback: Tell People What They Are Doing Right.

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positive feedback

First off:  Want your free gift?  Sign up for the Wednesday Wit and Wisdom : Positive Feedback: Tell people what they are doing right. This means noticing someone’s  improvement no matter how small. Magnify their good heart because what we focus on grows. If we stare at every flaw another person has, it magnifies. If you point Read the full article…

Are You Stuck in Sunk Loss Fallacy? Stop Gambling Your Happiness Away. (+Events)

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Happy Wednesday: First off: If you need a  weekly tune up Sign up for the Wednesday Wit And Wisdom Email and grab your free gift. So, do you have a hard time letting go of an idea that may not be working any more? Are you investing endless hours trying to make something (or someone) finally pay off? Economists call Read the full article…


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Do you have a brain that gets up ahead of you  in the morning.  I do. If my doubt were a person, it would be sitting at the end of my bed in a pink skirt with no underwear, eating bon-bons and smoking Gitanes.(My brain still smokes.) It sits there speaking to me in a voice Read the full article…