Deb Kimmett’s Masterpiece Tonight in Toronto ( Tomorrow Picton)

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Writer and comedian Deborah Kimmett is performing her new one-woman show “The Year of The Suddenly”, directed by Linda Kash inn Toronto tonight and Picton tomorrow While teaching a writing workshop, Toronto-based writer and comedian Deborah Kimmett received a message that her younger brother Kevin had been diagnosed with cancer. The unexpected journey that followed Read the full article…

Fun Does Not Have to Hard..( +Tickets Hit Show, Suddenly)

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This email includes details about my Hit Show The Year of The Suddenly, and where to get your tickets. Plus a blog called:  Fun Does Not Have to Be Hard.   Rehearsing my Suddenly is very very exciting. I have been doing radio interviews and rehearsing. Kimmett’s show is a masterpiece.  With every dive, every dip every suddenly.” Read the full article…