29 Years Ago Today…my life changed.

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It was 29 years ago, today, Sept 29. I was 29 years old, and sobriety finally took up residence in my body. Puking in a garbage can at Bloor and Yonge subway, I said, “Well Deb the party is over.” Still makes me laugh that I thought I was having such a great time. People congratulate me that I gave up drinking but honestly I don’t know what happened. Drinking gave up me, I believe the universe took pity on me and reached in and did some kind of weird psychic surgery. That morning, the head was like broken glass, and despite the fact I was still arguing and kicking and screaming another wiser part was pulling me over the border to a new territory called Reality. At first the climate seemed harsh. Arid and dry, and boy I was very thirsty. But reality grew on me. I remember about six months in, and looking out the window at the world and thinking ” I love what you’ve done with the place.” I don’t know who I was addressing, but it was that small change in perception that I believe one needs to change their life. l this time later. And if you are struggling with your own addictions ( or one of a dear person in your life ) I hope you too, will reach for a saner, better life in whatever way you need. There is a better way of living. One that is based on sanity. And no reality isn’t easy but its not bad.

So here  I am today. And I look at those three numbers. Sept 29, 29years sober and I was 29 -And it seems today would be a good day to buy a lottery ticket ‪#‎gratefulheart‬.