Your 2019 needs some serenity plus this….

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Most of you have heard the words, ” Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can. Wisdom to know the difference.”

We can rattle those off easily. Or think of these words as assigned to people in 12 step programs.

I know I have said this prayer often by rote.

Did you know there is an extended version of this beseeching?

It goes like this.

” Grant me patience for things that take time, Appreciation for all that I have. Tolerance for those with different struggles, and faith to get up and try again.”

I love this addendum.

For, I don’t know about you, but I do need patience for things that need time to change. My thoughts and actions. And others thoughts and actions. No one changes at the break neck speed the world implies we should.

And in these days of being offended by anything, and everything who couldn’t use a big dose of tolerance?

We see people through our own filter. Of how we see the world. Of how we want them to be.

But in the words of the wonderful meditation teacher Stephen Levine, “Everybody is working at their edge.”

They, like me, are struggling to live their lives and so if I can accept where they are, it helps me build compassion for them.

And the hidden gift in this is a kindness for myself. If I can have compassion for the other can I not offer the same to myself?

And what about the words, “Grant me the faith to get up and try again?

What do I have faith in?

I don’t have any particular religious belief. For me, faith is faith in life itself. Life’s winding and confusing mystery. I have faith that things works out aas they are meant to.

The strength I get in these added words helps shape my days.

They are words I will take apart and put up on the hoist of reflection.

I recite them slowly.

Each day take one sentence and use it as my meditation.

Maybe be curious about how many areas of my life I can apply it to.

They are wonderful words, and since I am human I will forget their power.

That’s why I am counting on you to remind me.

Now I go off to the beach before I start rewriting my new play Downward Facing Broad. ( See her for Sydenham and Toronto dates)

Have a good day. Deborah

P.S The April 4th Toronto Show is now on sale. LIMITED SEATING. I am being taped by CBC for my new comedy special.

P.S.S. Napanee Show is sold out. Sydenham March 22nd Still some tickets.