A Bag of Candy and A Man in a Refugee Camp.

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Wednesday Wit and Wisdom ( And Workshop)

                               A witty video,  a wise story and info onmy writing workshop

During a writing workshop I gave at Centennial College, I was doing an exercise demonstrating how powerful our sense of “taste” can be. I had brought in a bag of gummy worms and was going to give each student one to write about. But when I reached the plastic tongs into the paper bag, I looked over and saw the stoic Nigerian man at the back start to cry. “I was born in a refugee camp, where I lived until I was twelve years of age. I was always hungry. When I saw the tongs reach into the paper bag I immediately had flashbacks of Wednesdays. Wednesdays were when the seven minute writer by deborah kimmett the Red Cross would come and bring candy to the kids in the camp. When I saw the Red Cross with their paper bags and plastic tongs I would start running toward the aid workers. At first I would be delighted at the idea of getting a treat. Then I thought about how I had to get two or three pieces for my little brothers and sisters. Then I would be given a candy and I had to tighten my fist around the candies and run so other bigger kids wouldn’t beat me. And often it would be stolen from me before I got back to my family.


Workshop (Writing)  Toronto Memoir Writing Wksp April 28th@ The Commons 587 College Street East-$88-10-2p.m.  PM me to reserve a spot.