What my bio says:
Whether on the page or on the stage, Deborah Kimmett is one funny lady. This witty and wise woman has been using humour to open minds and heal hearts for over 30 years. A Second City veteran, a regular performer on CBC’s radio and television show The Debaters and sought-after motivator on the speaker circuit, she engages her audiences with stories and killer humour that ignite, inspire and energize. Clients that ask her back: Microsoft, Corrections, Bell Canada, RBC, Health Canada, IBM, and countless health care organizations.
Deborah is an accomplished author of three books, Reality is Over-Rated and That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier and Out Running Crazy. She was nominated twice for the National Magazine Award for Humour. She is a well-known playwright and has been nominated for the Governor General Award for her play Miracle Mother in 1984. Having written 52 episodes of TV, a feature movie about female prison guards she has also written and produced a compassionate care video called, Walk a Mile in my backless gown. Since Deb’s passion is mentoring the creative soul in folks so through her company, Chip off The Old Writers Blocks, she hosts one day creative writing retreats and on line writing boot camps.


I cut my teeth as a performer and writer at the The Second City Theatre in Toronto, the meccas of improvisation.
They taught me the power of YES.
Say yes and everything moves forward.

Its the basis for my work as a motivational speaker, a writer and writing coach.

“The spirit of improv is not just saying the word yes. It’s about making people look good. The concept is that I add to your idea and build on it to make it better. This is the spirit of good business too. Worrying that your competitor has more than you, or they get away with things is such a narrow way to approach things. There is enough for everyone. You won’t know how or when having the spirit of yes pays off. Its not a tit for tat situation. I am nice to you and you’re nice back. It’s far richer than that. Its holding the vision for your life and knowing that it will all work out and you will be supported too. More than that its a great way to do business and a wonderful way to live.” Deborah

“If you book me for a humorous keynote  or do my virtual online writing classes I can give you a chiropractic adjustment of your brain, man-pedi for the soul, open up your heart and let the sun shine in  kind-of- talking- to. And oh yeah, I tend to be funny.”




I grew up in Napanee, Ontario and am the the oldest of six kids. My parent were hard working and devoted to their family. He saw potential in his family, his community and all ideas about to be born. My mother was completely hands on stay at home Mom and after giving birth to her sixth kid got her BA. She is still alive and lives with independence and you have to book her ahead of time because at 82 she is always on the move. Both inspired me by their hard work and how they devoted themselves to have our lives forward.


Marie Hopps: A Buddhist acting teacher who thought I was lovely even when I wasn’t. She taught me to sit “the girl on the chair” and love her.

Urjo Kareda: Director at the Tarragon Theatre who told me I was a writer. He helped create my first play Miracle Mother.

Annie Kidder who taught me how to be incredibly brave.


1) The day I got hired at Second City Theatre in 1980. Connected me to my creativity and the funniest people I know.

2) Sept 29th, 1986. day I got clean and sober- some strange gift from heaven which connected me to my other best friends who taught me to live one day at at time.

3) My Kids who are in their mid 20’s: I have two kids, a boy and a girl, who were born nine months apart.My son came out of the womb smiling and ready to go. He’s the idea man, and the ultimate lover of life.My daughter was born three months premature at 25 1/2 weeks and she showed me that good ideas are sometimes premature and barely formed, but  and not knowing what will happen next is part of the whole journey. A talented writer and actress, she thinks things through and balances her physical and creative energy like that of a Zen master.
Both inspire and fuel me. That they can grow and prosper in the midst of love and intellect.

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