Are you afraid of getting too big for your britches?

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In my family, we worried.

The family motto was “Sing before breakfast, cry before nightfall.”

Irish? Catholic? Messed up? I don’t know.

I do know it was an internal message that told me you had to be careful because life would get you if you got cocky. Okay, forget cocky. Life would get you if you had a good day!

“Don’t get too big for your britches” was another favorite family saying. But if I don’t embrace my true authentic self, I turn to food for comfort and then indeed become too big for my britches.

So how do we let go of all these old internal messages that play in the background? What about two new sayings:  “I don’t know” and “Thank you”.

1) I don’t know.

Right now we are in turbulent times and often we don’t know how to act. We are in new territory and need to admit when we area lost. For me, life has always gotten better when I admit that my best thinking is not working. Every time I’ve said I don’t know and surrendered, the energy has started to flow again.

2) Thank you.

I’m not talking about just the niceties of social interaction, but really appreciating the tiny delicious moments of my day whenever life is on my side. I write out my appreciations daily. And the more I have practiced this, the more I am able to see where I am being supported.

We are allowed to feel good. To sing before breakfast. And then get some new pants because our bigger life means a new wardrobe.

How has saying I don’t know helped you let go of old patterns and embrace new ones? In what ways has saying thank you helped move you toward a more authentic life?

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