Are you flying around like a fart in a windstorm?

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“Her mouth moves like whippoorwill’s ass in a hurricane.”

“He’s in a speed wobble.”

Most of my dad’s favourite expressions involved body parts south of the waist. These expressions always showed up in his vernacular when he saw people who were flustered, panicked or busy, busy, busy.

Often today we are no longer fine. We ask people, “How are you?” and they say, “Busy.” Busy is almost a national mantra.

But what are you busy doing? And is the busy moving your life forward or you being tossed around by a schedule that is not life affirming for you (or your staff or your family)?

Yes, some days we need to put the pedal to the metal to get a project  done. We need to reach a goal. We usually do this to obtain a benefit. We work extra hours to get time off. We really focus so we can make some extra cash to improve our lives. But if you are adding more to your day because you just don’t know how to say no, or because you think you’re the only one that knows anything, or you don’t trust that what you do is enough, that is another issue.

I encourage people to say yes to life

but only if the yes is building and sustaining your creativity.

When I was getting a divorce, I worked to avoid life because I hadn’t reached a new normal. I didn’t know who I was if I wasn’t a mom or a wife. And since I was unemployed on those two fronts, I worked, mostly to avoid thinking and crying; in that time, I wrote a novel. So avoiding life can get things done. But the busy was toward something that healed me as a writer. The busy I talk about here is the trying to please everyone else kind of crazy some of you gals (and guys) are doing.

Here’s the deal. Get off the computer. Stop twittering and tweeting your lives away, getting thumbs up and likes from people who don’t even know your name. Instead, knit, write, sing, paint, love, walk. Do something that is about reconnecting to you.

That big screen in your wall is called a window and that view outside of it is the latest reality show: Your Life!

So, tell me: What will you do today that helps you engage more deeply in your own life? Leave your comment below.

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