Business Leaders! Learn How To Enhance Your Storytelling Skills. (New Keynote)

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Experts tell us 80 % of all communication is story telling. On a personal level you likely know that even a short story or one joke can inspire, create connection and even help with remembering difficult concepts. You may be very good at storytelling when you are telling stories with friends and family. But telling a business story can often intimidate you. Read the full article…

Deb Kimmett’s Masterpiece Tonight in Toronto ( Tomorrow Picton)

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Writer and comedian Deborah Kimmett is performing her new one-woman show “The Year of The Suddenly”, directed by Linda Kash inn Toronto tonight and Picton tomorrow While teaching a writing workshop, Toronto-based writer and comedian Deborah Kimmett received a message that her younger brother Kevin had been diagnosed with cancer. The unexpected journey that followed Read the full article…

Fun Does Not Have to Hard..( +Tickets Hit Show, Suddenly)

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This email includes details about my Hit Show The Year of The Suddenly, and where to get your tickets. Plus a blog called:  Fun Does Not Have to Be Hard.   Rehearsing my Suddenly is very very exciting. I have been doing radio interviews and rehearsing. Kimmett’s show is a masterpiece.  With every dive, every dip every suddenly.” Read the full article…

Comedian Deborah Kimmett in The Suddenly: A Woman Tour De Farce!

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Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Deborah Kimmett Stars In This Part Stand-Up, Part Eulogy, All-Out Funny One-Woman Tour De Force… (TORONTO -PICTON Heralded Comedian and storyteller Deborah Kimmett (The Debaters, DNTO, The Second City) brings her poignant, uplifting, and hilarious one-person show The Year Of The Suddenly to The Second City’s John Candy Read the full article…