Big Laughs When A Therapist Loses It! Watch our new film!

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What happens when a therapist gets triggered?

Well laughter ensues.

Billable Hours is a new short film by Laurel Brady.

Yes it was a family affair. My daughter wrote,  starred in and co-produced her first short film Billable Hours.

Her brother Brendan directed and c0-produced it.

And they hired their Mama, aka moi, to be in it. ( When I say hired I mean I didn’t get paid and I bought dinner.) Thank God For Nepotism.





Click here to watch it.


Keep an eye for a special guest.

****************************************** BREAKING NEWS-


In rehearsal for the new show The Year of The Suddenly. May 27 and May 28 at John Candy Box Theatre.

Need a keynote: for your next conference?
Laughter is the Best Medicine at the HPCO Conference reviews:

You brought down the house. I was so impressed with your closing keynote which you presented at yesterday’s Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Conference. You immediately engaged the audience with your humour, wit, stories and valuable information you shared.  It was a perfect ending after a jam-packed three day conference.  Participants loved it and you perfectly demonstrated how “laughter is the best medicine”.  Ingrid Norrish:  Creative Meeting & Marketing Services,



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