Save The Date: The Year of The Suddenly.

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Life is full of “suddenlies”.

One minute we are going in one direction, then Suddenly, we are spun the complete opposite way.

In 2013, I was teaching a writing class when ‘suddenly” I got a call telling me that my brother was ill.

Suddenly, my life changed on a dime.

We had one more chance to get sibling love right.

The Year of The Suddenly is part stand up, part eulogy, and lovely storytelling about Deb’s brother.

“This play is hilarious, raw monologue on the uncertainty of life.” Linda Kash.

“Kimmett attacks tough material and it is funny as hell.” Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

“One of the most honest comics out there. Touching raw material with her trademark humor.” Steve Patterson, Host CBC Debaters.

Subject matter is funny and emotional. And I swear 3 times (okay two times, cuz one time I spell the word.)

Premiering @ The John Candy Box Theatre, Second City Toronto.

56 Blue Jay’s Way. (3rd floor) Accessible.

Directed by Linda Kash. (Fargo actress)



Saturday May 27th, 2017  7:30 pm.

Sunday May 28th, 2017  1:30 pm


Saturday June 3rd, 2017

Proceeds to benefit the amazing work of Kensington Hospice in Toronto, Ontario.

If you can’t make it, consider giving some support to the project by clicking here.


About Deb:
Deb Kimmett has been in the comedy business for 38 years. She is a comic, TV writer and appears regularly on CBC Radio’s The Debaters, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, LOL and DNTO.  She has written for national magazines and been nominated for the Governor General Award. She has not worn a hairnet for 38 years straight.


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