Two Tender Stories About KFC And A Ride Around Lawn Mower.

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There is a lot of call for Love this week. Especially Valentine’s Day and Family Day fall all within seven days of each other. ( in Ontario at least)

Its a week where people post love poems to their friends, lovers and family.

But some of us don’t have love in those traditional ways. Holidays like this can make us feel that if our love life doesn’t look and sound like a Hallmark Card we are failing somehow.

Here are two charming stories I hope will put a smile on your face.


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I treated myself to a double Americano. ( Okay I do that every day-) I went into my fave coffee spot, the Sovereign cafe. After wishing me a Happy V Day, the two guys that run the place told me they have been friends since they were kids.

On a Valentine’s Day in 1989, when one of them was 8 and the other 9,  no one in their class had given then a Valentine Day card. So, the older one said lets go to KFC. So they went and got a bucket. At the time KFC was giving out figurines of the California Raisons ( remember those?)

So they sat and on the sidewalk and ate their bucket of chicken. And they still have the two figurines- in fact they sit on the counter of the Sovereign Coffee Shop. The shop that they own.



Brotherly love a strong love indeed.

And then there’s that  love that exists ONLY in our minds Grade Six Love!!

I was standing in line at the Dairy Queen; our class was on a school trip. I was in Grade 6, when Stephen B. told me he liked me and wanted to buy me a chocolate dipped ice cream cone, Of course. I agreed. It was sugar, after all. Then he asked if I’d like to come up to his house sometime and cut the lawn with him, because his Dad had just got a ride around lawnmower. It sounded more like helping do his chores, than a date, but I agreed. We never did cut that lawn– in fact we never spoke after that but I told everybody, that I had a boyfriend. And he told everyone that he had a girlfriend.

And knowing someone out there wanted me to ride around his yard with him was enough. The yearning. The not knowing was all I could handle.

Stephen B and I were happy, darn it.

So this week when Valentine’s Day and Family Day come focus on where love is in your hear.

Choose to celebrate all the ways you have received love in your life.

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Happy Wednesday,

Deborah Kimmett