Watch My Video: A Cat With A Can on Its Head Stopped the Sad!

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It was January, more than 10 years ago.

I was turning 50. I had just gotten a divorce. My kids were gone. The dog had died.

And as I plummeted into sadness it also was the most productive time in my comedy and speaking career.

I’d go from to the stage to stage performing then get in the car and start crying. Its hard to drive when your eyeballs don’t have windshield wipers.

I thought I’d have to change the title of my career to depressed motivational speaker until  one night when I was alone, I heard a knock on the door….and when I went out to see what it was …

( Click below to hear the  talk I gave to a couple hundred folks at the Seniors Association in Picton at the Regent Theatre. in 2013)




See, despite how old you get, or  how many Ted Talks you’ve listened to or how many huge renovations we have made to your personality,  some days its easy to get confused at work and home.

You might feel lost.

You might forget how far you have come.

You might get angry that after all this time you still get tripped up and forget your essential nature which is good.

On the good days its easy to believe the beauty in this life.

But on the bad day..boy oh boy it feels like the universe has hidden the easter Eggs.

I have been lost many times.  But 3 things help me get back into the things will work out zone:

  1. Stay in the day. Stop terrorizing yourself with a future.  What can I do  in just his day?
  2. Reach out for help. Friends. Family. Oprah. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Even if you think its baloney.
  3. Sometimes you’ll get a can stuck on your head and if you just relax it will all be okay.

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