Celebrate the Many Gifts You Have to Offer As A Volunteer.

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When we think about ‘giving back’ we often think we have to do one  perfect thing to help out.

Sometimes we are so busy trying to get it right, we often do things we are not good at or get frustrated and do nothing at all.

Because we think there is one perfect way to help, we often ignore sharing our natural talents.

Years ago I had taken the Hospice course and at the time I couldn’t volunteer directly because I was busy with work and kids. With the help of a creative economic organization I created a humorous video on how to be a good volunteer. ( or more specifically how to be a terrible one.) CLICK HERE TO WATCH

As a result, of this one video, I often speak to Personal Support Workers and Hospice Conferences.

Last week I was in front of the room for the Quinte Hospice Annual Meeting in Belleville. My keynote was called Celebrating the Volunteers.

My first question was asking them what their one talent was.

If you want to know what I heard (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)



When I asked each volunteer what three talents they had it  became clear very quickly that each of them had a unique way of expressing their talents at Hospice.

Some shopped for sick people, some listened, some encouraged, some were advocates at the hospital and some laughed.

We laughed a lot.

It became clear that each person in the room possessed a unique gift they could offer to a sick person.  And it was usually something very simple. But very needed.

And whether you are volunteering for an organization or helping out a family member you have been granted a special talent, and you may often think the gift you have to offer is enough. But it is.

Want to hear more on this? Go over to the HopeForTodayCafe and listen to Rob Hawke and I talk about every act of kindness can help a person when they are going through rough times. (CLICK HERE)

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