We Have the Winners.

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Well we have the winners for the $ 100 Scholarship.

The names will be announced on Sept 25th, 2015.

If you would like to be in the Bootcamp its still a great deal with 5 Classes on Sunday, Laser Coaching Wednesday and one Private Coaching Session * VALUED @ 699.00   ALL  for $349  ( NO TAXES)


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  1. Rosalind Ross

    I definitely need to take this workshop because I love you! I love your writing, I love your sense of humour, and I love learning how to write. Since I live in Ottawa, Toronto is not feasible for me to attend without stretching my limited budget, so learning online seems like a wonderful way to learn. Besides, I won’t have to get dressed!

  2. lisa

    “I took Deb Kimmett’s Writing Bootcamp course and it was truly one of the best classes I have ever taken. There was as much support as I wanted and lots of “take aways” and things to ruminate on after the course was over. It was very inspiring and I got lots written. Deb is a terrific teacher and knows her shit. ” Lisa Merchant- Improvisational Actress with Monkey Toast, and teacher at The Second City, Toronto

    • deborah

      Lisa, you soared during the bootcamp. The way you devoted your story about finding family blew me away.

  3. judybierma

    I need the scholarship to take the course. I can’t remember how many bootcamps I have attended but I need another one. I need to write some historical stories of the Island and the Island people. I find it really hard to get to it. Deb you help me focus and get it done. You know I love your on-line course and treat it like a retreat. It feeds my soul and organizes my brain. Please consider me for your scholarship. Love yah.

  4. Justin

    Money’s tight but that’s not the real reason. I need it because I loved the class I took with you a few summers ago. I was inspired. Inspired by the way my writing flowed in ways I didn’t even know were there. As the weeks went by I lost that spark. Oh I still write but nothing close to that class. I would love to learn from you again.

    • deborah

      Justin I still remember how funny and a delight you were. ( at the workshop and in the car ride)

  5. Aidan Conolly

    I need to take this course because every year, when the daylight hours begin to recede and the gloom of winter drifts in, my brain bubbles with words, phrases, and ideas. The words are alive; they flutter around me like dusty blind moths, and I ache to capture them without breaking their wings. I long to draw them on paper.
    All I need is a little “how to”, a bit of a guidebook, and I know I will capture those winged, elusive, lingual entities and I will make record of them as I should.


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