Fun Does Not Have to Hard..( +Tickets Hit Show, Suddenly)

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This email includes details about my Hit Show The Year of The Suddenly, and where to get your tickets.

Plus a blog called:  Fun Does Not Have to Be Hard.


Rehearsing my Suddenly is very very exciting. I have been doing radio interviews and rehearsing.
Kimmett’s show is a masterpiece.  With every dive, every dip every suddenly.”

Two shows only inToronto: John Candy Box Theatre.

One show in Picton: Regent Theatre:


This week I am doing exactly what I love. Working on a film, rehearsing my show, for Toronto and Picton. and having been  readers read my new book. And best of all I get to work with my kids– but inside my mind I can make it sound like I am going to work in a coal mine. My mind doesn’t seem to know this. I am hear myself saying, “Oh I have to do all these things” . “Or boy this is going to be over and then I can relax—- when most of the things I have to do are what I love doing.” And well in reality I don’t want it to be over. Because this is MY life….and I want to be present.

Growing up I think our family motto: was” Life is hard work.”…..even fun! But with time and love that message has been changing in myself. I find I can enjoy so much more and I try to practice savouring each moment more often than I used to. Practice, leaning back and letting myself be carried along.

When I have a lot on my plate I have to say out loud “Deb be in this moment. Taste it. Savour the meal.” ( yes I always use food analogies)

Of course, when I need to be reminded, I read Melody Beatty’ Language of Letting Go. See Below for more inspiration.

“In this life finally get to experiment. We get to learn new behaviours, and we don’t have to do them perfectly. We only need to find a way that works for us. We even have fun experimenting, learning what we like, and how to do what we like.

Many of us have gotten into a rut with rigidity, martyrdom, and deprivation. One of the “normal” experiences many of us have been deprived of is having fun. Another one is being spontaneous.

We can let ourselves go a little now and then. We can loosen up a bit. We don’t have to be so stiff and rigid, so frightened about being who we are. Take some risks. Try some new activities. What would we like to do? What might we enjoy doing? Then, take another risk. Pick out a movie we’d like to see; call a friend, and invite him or her to go along. If that person says no, try someone else, or try again another time.

Decide to try something, then go through with it. Go once. Go twice. Practice having fun until fun becomes fun.

Today, I will do something just for fun. I will practice having fun until I actually enjoy it.

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