Delighting in the Wonder of it All

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My Belly Laughs and Book launch was  dedicated to the many people who inspired me to write and keep creating.There were many people and I didn’t have a chance to include all the women, so I thought I would tell you about Beth Chapman who taught me oh so much. It was the year 2000, when I met my friend Beth who was 89 years of age. Her body was frail, some days she was barely able to keep her eyes open. Skin like tissue paper and in chronic heart failure with a face that sported a devilish grin. Her body was moving on. Somedays it seemed like it already had and hadn’t informed the spirit.  I would go to visit at her town house as she as still living on her own. She had her bed in the living room as she could no longer make it up the stairs. She sat in a big lounge chair and had a pile of books, everything from Eckart Tolle to Dickens, at her fingertips. They seemed to have been absorbed in her skin by then.


I came to her because I wanted to learn everything she had to offer. I was struggling with a particular problem. I was angry at something and I couldn’t let it go. Then on top of that,  I was angry that I was still struggling with anger. When I asked her what she did when faced with the sticky parts of mind that won’t let go, she said ” I chip away at it.” I think of her today for anger is an emotion that still clutches at me. And I think of Beth. I chip away at it. I am so lucky that I have had women further along the path to teach me. To guide me and to keep me curious. I want to be one of them one day. One last memory of Beth. Nearing in on 90 she was still learning and improving. She had enormous health challenges and when asked how she coped, she said, ” I cope because I still delight in the wonder of it all.”

Do you tend to delight in the wonder of it all?

Has there been a dear friend who has mentored you that helped you delight in the wonder of it all?