Do you have an ENERGY sucker Loose in Your Office?

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You know those people that suck all the lifeblood out of you. The type of people that defeat you with inertia and unhelpful questions when you put your good ideas out there? When I was a young girl, my mother would make me vacuum the basement. I would do it in ten minutes and she would say no, no, it takes twenty so I would finish the vacuuming in ten minutes and leave the vacuum turned on, sucking on my various body parts until the time was up. Nobody’s done that? No? Okay, the cheese stands alone.
I was teaching for a company once and there was an older man attending the class who was one of those “sighers”. You know the type.? The kind that shrugs, sighs, and rolls their eyes every time you say …something. The kind that has his shoulders down around his waist as if his clavicles are made of bungee cords. The kind that gloms his energy-sucking hose onto your neck and gives you a big, energy-sapping hickey.Energy vacuums seem to know when you’re avoiding them and no matter how much you try to circumvent eye contact with them, you feel them sucking away your confidence. There were 20 other people who appreciated the workshop, they were nodding their heads and laughing, but by the end of the day, because of this one Living Dead-Man I was a deflated cartoon character wiping myself off the floor.
A couple of years later, after I had gotten much more skilled at teaching and warding off the Evil Energy Eye, I was asked back to this same company and who was the first guy that came into the room? That’s right, Mr. Happy. He came in with his sighing and his shoulders down at his waist, paws scraping along the ground. Nothing had changed in his body language or energy. When I went around the circle asking why they had come to this voluntary course he said “Well, Deborah, in the last class you talked to me a lot about how body language communicated a whole conversation, and well, after that I really found I opened up”. Really? I tried hard to imagine him thinking he was a real…..
swinger and ball of fire, but the effort tired me out. The real point is, I gave all my energy to a guy who was so unaware of his affect on me. I thought my ideas were bad but the truth was he had no idea of the vibes he was giving off at all. I second-guessed myself and I denied other people the benefit of the ideas I was offering.
It’s worse when the energy vacuums create committees up in your head. Its time to stop letting them give you permanent vacuum hickeys. It’s time to evict them.  (FROM BOOK REALITY IS OVERRATED. ORDER YOUR OWN COPY TODAY under SHOP!)

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