Sweet nothings and a little pillow talk for the muse.

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So many people move to the country, so they can have time to create. But then they fill up their calendars with commitments, and those painting and writing projects get left undone.

Does this happen to you. Do you create lists and the lists get messed up by kids who want you to babysit?

Or maybe you didn’t have kids. Maybe you should adopt. Maybe you should go to Africa.

Well who has time to write now?

Or on the day they actually carve out some time no ideas come.

On the day you finally decide to be creative¬† there are dust bunnies under the couch. That the man sitting on the couch needs a hair cut and my gosh if you’re going to write well you need to paint the office and buy a new chair.

Who can create when your back is not supported?

I see this all the time.  People running around, delaying the process. They put off what they love to do and they hope some day their creative lives will start.

So how can you be creative in the midst of your real life? Well darlin, like all women, a muse likes to be courted.

Here is what I suggest. Take ten minutes each day to write, draw, paint, sketch, knit, build. Ten minutes to prime the pump. The muse likes to be seduced and courted. Have breakfast with her. Sit your “butt” down, move the pen across the paper, paint a picture, hammer something and see what happens. It doesn’t have to be brilliant. In fact I guarantee it won’t be.¬† But today- just today, dare to suck.

I learned this technique from Natalie Goldberg (and don’t run out and get her book) and the simplicity of putting pen to paper eludes most folks.

So, Sit, write and get on with your day. Like all habits it will grow and flower in time.

Do you have a special technique to get the creative juices flowing? Leave a a comment in the section, below. Or hey if you need a kick start to your creative life: MAY 11th WRITING RETREAT IN GEORGETOWN ONTARIO (North of Oakville)

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