We all need some motivational Mamas (and Papas)

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We all need someone who knows what to say to keep us motivated.

Reading from my novel at the Kingston WritersFest

Someone who will be kind when kindness is required and honest when we need a slap on the hind end. (I say “slap” because “kicking me in the butt” never turns me on.)

For 30 years, I have always had a couple of go-to people who do that for me. Some spiritual Taekwondo kind of motivational mamas who don’t even necessarily work in my field. They have this innate ability to stop me from sabotaging the project right before I launch — sisters (and a couple of brothers) who love me enough to untangle the knot of perfectionism I always have tied myself up in.

Without these people, I would have never launched my work.

It takes a village to pursue a dream.
I have so many folks helping me, like Urjo Kareda of Tarragon Theatre, and Mari Hopps (I will be telling you what I learned from her when I teach my online writing class.)  Both are passed away now, but I hear them cheering me on from wherever they may be.
My students also inspire me. I love watching clients of all ages get their creative Mojos working. When I see them release those negative self-doubt stories that have been jamming up their neuro pathways, I realize all creative souls are the same. They doubt their genius.
Who is your motivational Mama or Papa? Comment below and tell us the one thing they help you to do to get past the blocks.
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