Don’t Wait to Go Out And Play!

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Don’t Wait to Go out and Play: On his 5th birthday a small boy’s mother organized a big party for him. With hats, balloons, whistles and hats sweets and drinks and music and toys. A perfect party. But at the height of the party the child asked his mother, “Mom, when this is all over, can we go out and play?”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I over plan the fun.

I know I did this with my kids and they and I were disappointed.

Sometimes the more money I spent on my kids the more I expected them to grateful.

But whether a party is a good idea or not is not the point, here.

How often do we miss the party of our lives because we are busy waiting for things to be over so we can get to the next activity?

I have been at the theatre thinking watching a show, thinking about the next play I am going to see.

(Yes I can make a “play” I am watching, seem like work!)

One time I was walking along the beach in Nice, France with my husband and he said,

“We should really come here some day!”   We were there and he was thinking about the next trip.

” But we are here.” I said.

“But I mean REALLY here.”

How often do we do this be visiting with a person and think we should really do this again? For longer?

Maybe its human to do this, but wouldn’t it be nice to savour the event and circumstance we are actually in?

So my question to you is this? Is there a mind shift needed to help you be more playful in this day?

Is there something you  can you do to stop waiting to ‘go out and play?”

I know for me its a discipline to keep coming back to the moment. Bringing attention to what is going on right here and now. The good, the bad and the playful.

Taking in all the gifts, noise makers and cake of this day’s party. . #Gooutandplay!

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