Drove by a wind turbine and my Smart Car got sucked up!!

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My last name being Kimmett, I was called Kermit a lot. Like the frog on the Muppets, get it? I hated it as much as you can imagine. But as I get older, I realize Kermie was a lot wiser than he looked. For instance, he advised “Never fall in love with a pig.” Think of how many hours of pain you could have avoided if you had only listened to that one!

He also said,

“It isn’t easy being green.”

You got that right, Kerm! In fact, it isn’t easy smelling green, either. I have a bamboo yoga suit. When I sweat, I smell like a Burmese forest. Saving energy can be exhausting. I began using compost worms. You think cats are fussy? Worms won’t take your garbage unless you’ve ground your kitchen scraps in a blender. (Note to Cousin Francine: I told you that wasn’t a smoothie.)

I use cloth bags for my groceries. Or at least I intend to. I still haven’t gotten them from the car to the grocery store, but I still say no to plastic bags. No matter how many groceries I have, I stuff as many items in my handbag as I can. I’ve gone through three purses so far. I’m reducing plastic, but increasing leather consumption. The cows may be mad, but there are fewer of them passing wind.

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