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About Creative Coaching and Writing Services


“Can you guarantee I can get my project done?”

That is up to you and how much you put into the course. We at ONE FUNNY LADY will do everything to make sure you succeed. We are on deck with resources and we’re waving our e-pom poms, cheering you on. Our goal is to birth as many creative souls as possible, to put their unique stories out into the world.

Make the most out of the course by coming to the online class and participating. If there are issues midway through your project, you need to bring them to class so we can help you. Speak up or email, and we will bring your issue to the table and help you solve it.

Who is this writing class for?

You have approx. 2-3 hours a week. (this includes writing and class)

You have an idea going around in your head whose time has come.

You need not only a coach but a gal who has strategy and inspiration, and is willing  who will shake her e-pom poms at you every week.

 Who should not take this class?

You want to talk about writing rather than do it.

You look for excuses to block your creativity.

You plan to be hungover on Sundays.

Don’t miss the chance to take this amazing life changing session!

“Can you get me a publisher or producer?”



“Do you teach language or grammar?

No, that ain’t what its about!?,.,,,



“What if I want to discuss the psychology and imagery of writing?”

Go to a book club.  Take an English Lit course.  I don’t care what you have read. I care what you write and about helping you write it better.


“Would this be good for me if I have never written much?


Yes, dive in.  If you don’t set time aside, it won’t happen. Stop practicing and just do it. Dare to try. Dare to suck. It’s the only way to learn how to tell your story better.


“Will you be handling how I can make money as a writer online?”

No. This  a creative course, focused on strategies that support your vision and your point of view. The money comes later. Or not. You only know by trying.


“Will this make my blogs better?”

If you are just marketing stuff, using the writing to sell products, I am not your gal. But if you want to inspire and create writing that heals this broken old world and you want to cultivate a point of view that is needed –then yes.



“Will you personally be reading my stuff?”

You’ll have email access all week, every week. Feel free to ask questions on the homework, and I will pick pieces of work each week to read, to see if my teaching is on target and if there are common issues I will definitely address them.

After the course, if you need that kind of individual coaching package, we can design one that works for you  or recommend a coach that is right for your project. Again during the online classroom time, if you have an issue you need to ask about, we welcome time for you to get down to the nitty gritty.


“What is your cancellation policy?”

There are no refunds. However the fee is transferrable, which means the person who signed up for the class can transfer it to a friend or colleague for that session. Just let us know their name and email and we can add them to the guest list.

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