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Humorist Will Rogers said, ” Everybody wants progress but nobody wants to change.”

But I think these days, you have changed so much you’re battle weary.

You get tired of having to constantly adapt. and we’ve tightened our belts so much we’ve now got cleavage.

Whether you are a solo-preneur or a  big business or a government agency suffering severe cutbacks, gather your staff around the computer and listen in as I teach you how to:
*Change your mind, master your doubt.
*Risk 4 C’s of Change.
*Say Yes and change how you deal with work.

Re-energized attitudes.( hey that’s code for raised seratonin levels and lips upturned into a grin.)

How it works:

Gather around the computer, call into the conference call.

Receive a rousing 50 minute audio pep talk, with slides and handy tips. 10 minute Q&A.

Taped and available for 60 days on the site. Which means if the whole team can’t be at the table at the same time they can listen later on.

Email access to me for any coaching questions for  30 days.


All for 99.00

Gather your team around the board room table. Maybe even arrange a pot-luck. For only  $99 and one hour of time, you and your team can get stoked. And re-energized during February.


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