Keep Coming Back: I had to keep coming back to get the role.

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Keep Coming Back, is finally launched.

This is a 12 minute short by writer and director Brendan Brady  (Click here to watch). This film aired on Air Canada Enroute flights, was at the Palm Springs@Canadian Film Festival, Ridgemont and Whistler Film Festival.  ( CLICK HERE)

Brendan did not want me to audition for the role of Patti in Keep Coming Back. He wanted a guy. But I thought it would be a powerful statement of addiction if it was an older woman who couldn’t get it together. Brendan agreed but still didn’t want me. And, in fact, he made me audition twice.

He kept saying”Give it you’re all, Mom.”

Yes, ~ Mom!

Brendan is my son.

Now I know what you are thinking: nepotism.

Yes well, you call it nepotism, but I call it playing the long game.

See 31 years ago,  I birthed a male,  raised him hoping that he would be a director and finally getting cast in a movie he made.

All kidding aside, this was a wonderful experience. I got to travel to the film festivals with my son and watch him shine. We also got to attend the Toronto ACTRA awards where I was given a nod for the acting by being nominated for outstanding performance by a female.  The night was just one of those special nights where you are grateful for all the gifts of life.

So, please watch and if you like this film, please share.  This is how we get the word out.


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The hit show, Downward Facing Broad with @Kim Pollard is playing in Toronto on Sept 29th ($5 bucks goes to Sistering) Almost all sold.

Next stop @The Empire Theatre in Belleville on October 26th, 2019

Thanks, Deborah