My first day living in Toronto was in 1980…and this happened.

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On my first day in Toronto in 1980 I got taken to the set of the King of Kensington. It was still cold out and it was their last week of filming. Al Waxman, was walking around in a big housecoat Everyone was treating him very delicately and he kept crying and then hugging me telling me that I should call him if ever I needed anything. Years late the same Al Waxman was on Cagney and Lacy. By this time, I was living at Bathurst and Eglinton, and I saw him park his car in the lot below my apt. This time I was the one wearing a housecoat and crying because my career needed a boost. And so I got dressed and put my 8 x 10 pic on his windshield and told him, ” I should play Sharen Gless’ sister on the show. People thought I looked like her. I wrote my name and contact info.

A few hours later, I was at Second City rehearsing and the Box office gal told me my roommate had called. So I called home and was told Al Waxman had called and told me to give him a call. When I called back he told me he didn’t have a job for me and he never remembered me from King of Kensington, but he thought I had a lot of chutzpah. And since I was a young Catholic girl.

had to look up that word. For I thought chutzpah, was challah which is egg bread.

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