Do You Have Lobe Handles from Thinking Too Much?

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Do you ever have weeks where you seem to be  getting LOBE handles from thinking too much?

That was one of those weeks for me.

On the right side there was the creativity piece where I was rehearsing the new show, that was playing at The Second City which is my old haunt so I felt nervous, like I had a lot riding on it.

Then over on the left side of my cerebellum was a corporate training I had to prep for Proctor and Gamble. It was a training for a big company with a lot of spin off potential.

Trying to get both sides of the brain to line up was tricky business.  Because, even withGinkoa Baloba this old gray mare ain’t what used to be.

My brain was jammed to capacity (very much like the closet I use when the real estate agent says she’s bringing someone in to look at the house–oh yes I am selling my house on top of this)

And instead of tiring me this over-stimulation makes me kinda hyper. OCD type of hyper.

One thing that helps is to interrupt whatever speed wobble I am in. And Yes I breathe, and walk the dog, and listen to misty tinkle woohoo stuff I don’t exactly calm down, but I get perspective. I keep the problems of the day in the day. And I go to bed. That should be a bumper sticker. Just go to bed. Rest is a big deal.

Anyway I did pull it off. I remembered the lines, did the show and gave a humorous message about change to Proctor and Gamble HR ( which are a wonderful group by the by) All was well, I didn’t forget anything. Except where I parked my car.
Anybody see a a beige 2008 Jetta?

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