A walker of the Camino, Sue Kenney has a cool idea: Funding artists who walk.

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My friend Sue Kenney walks. And walks on the journey of life. She just completed a 425 km walk, barefoot on the Bruce Trail to raise money for artists as there is a direct correlation walking and creativity. She has an amazing vision for her life, and I thought I’d pass this on to you.
Walking for a Vision


Some time ago I read a story that Beethoven was once comissioned to write some music by three Austrian businessmen. Instead of paying him for the composition, they paid him to walk each day from sunrise to noon because they knew he would create a masterpiece, and he did. After walking the Camino several times, I have found myself inspired to be more creative after the walk. This was the seed for an idea to raise money for a foundation to support artists who walk. It’s called Vision One Walk. You can watch me being interviewed on TV here.

Last week I finished a 425kms walk, barefoot, along the Bruce Trail to raise awareness about the correlation between walking and creativity and raise funds through a crowd funding site. The walk started in Tobermory and ended at a Cultural Days event in Collingwood co-ordinated by Lorraine Leslie of Women with Vision magazine. A big thankyou to the people who walked in with me on the last day! Marie, Jeannie, Lynn and Ian. Throughout the journey I walked barefoot mostly, though I wear ZemGear minimalist shoes when it gets to rough. www.zemgear.ca 

She just completed a Artistic creativity has played a significant role in culture across the centuries, yet today we are asking artists to create without compensation as music, movies, books and other artistic creations are downloaded or viewed on-line for free. What if we were to pay artists differently?


A story in Ripley’s Believe it or Not explains how Ludwig van Beethoven was once commissioned to write music by three Austrian noblemen. Rather than pay him for the composition they paid him to walk everyday from sunrise until noon, because they believed if he walked he would create a masterpiece and he did. This story solidified my experiences and I became best selling author of the book My Camino, now in development as a feature film, after walking 800 kilometers on the medieval pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, in the north of Spain. (www.suekenney.ca )


Vision One Walk is a foundation with a goal to pay artists who walk. Using Indiegogo, the world’s largest global crowd funding platform, donations will be received from friends, family and fans to support the launch event and to provide seed money to invest in the future of the foundation. Donations, which can start as low as $10.00, will be recognized with various gifts at each level. The campaign takes place from September 1 to October 15, 2012 and donations can be made at www.indiegogo.com/visiononewalk.


To build awareness and launch a fundraising campaign, a 425 kilometer walk on the Bruce Trail with Sue Kenney and fellow artist Amanda Stillemunkes, will begin walking on September 9, 2012 in Tobermory. The walk will end in Collingwood, Ontario on September 29th, just in time for a community Culture Days Event co-ordinated with other local arts groups. Big thanks to Nicola Ware and Jan Williams for their support .


We couldn’t to this without a passionate and committed Project Team of volunteers, including Marie Ostrowski, who has led the publicity campaign, driven the business plan and offered her incredible administrative talents to this project. Artist Audrey Smith offered the beautiful painting in the poster and we had three students from Barrie’s satellite site of Laurentian University who are enrolled in a ‘Managing a Not-for-Profit’ course, selected the Vision One project to strategize, recommend and implement ideas as part of their final mark. Aaron Elliott is our social media guru so watch for us everywhere. Big thanks to all the others including our premium sponsor ZemGear!


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Big thanks,


Sue Kenney and the Vision One Walk team!



A great big HUG and sincere “Thank You” to the many supporters who made a donation to our Campaign!


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