Give your Gift Ho’s Some Ha Ha this Holiday Season ( Tickets on Sale for 2019)

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In this email you can: Buy Tickets for Downward Facing Broad and Listen to Debaters Show.

Give some gift ho’s laughter: Downward Facing Broad Comedy Show is touring in March: Its a solo show about aging, lying Fitbits and how everyone treats you like you are invisible after you hit 60.

You won’t want to miss this sassy comedy dissing on the aging process.

Watch the video below

“Kimmett is one of the funniest stand-ups out there.” Colin Mochrie.

Feb 21 2019   Ellena’s Napanee.  Tickets are selling fast.

March 7th Stirling Festival Theatre Ontario.

March 21, Grace Hall Festival of Small Halls Sydenham Ontario.

April Dates to be announced for Toronto Show. And Live taping.


“Kimmett is a brilliant storyteller.”

“Haven’t laughed this long in a long time.”
“Very funny and entertaining.  She really makes you feel good about yourself.”
“Gifted comedian. Makes us look at our lives as we age with humour.”
Wonderful! Fabulous and Enlightening!
Articulate, relevant, engaging. She described my mother-in-law to a T.
” She was very funny, but was also able to give good insight.’Laughter is always good.  And I can relate to her life story.


 For 13 years I have been lucky enough to be a regular performer on the Debaters.
And honestly its been a wonderful gig.  To be able to work with some of the best comics in Canada is a special gift.
I have debated about God, teenagers, health care and whether older woman are obsolete.

This week’s topic is about Aquafit,   Is it a good form of exercise?

There is the version you hear on the radio and then there is the unedited live version.

I have included the unedited version for your listening pleasure.
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