Cultivate Appreciation for all that you have.

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Recently, I came across the extended versions of the serenity prayer :

Napanee, Ontario


After the familiar ending, the  “And the wisdom to the know the difference” comes the following addendum:

“Grant me appreciation for all that I have.”

Appreciation for all that I have?

Hmmm! I had to give this some thought.

This sounded better than the gratitude list I made nightly.  It sounded like savoring the things that each day offered. Tasting, touching and smelling life.

Like maybe I should put as much emphasis on the sweet as I did on the sour.

Appreciation seems like I am asked to delight in the tiny events rather than rattling off a litany of complaints and improvements the world could make in order to make me happy.

Appreciation engages my senses and slows my mind down.

It feels like I am ruminating over each 24 hour meal offered to me.

Appreciation Inquiry is something I came across as well during this time. Its a systemf  used in coaching and in non profits. (CLICK HERE) It’s a way for business to focus on what is working in an organziation.. If you say what is wrong with this organization you encourage people to go looking for the mistakes. But appreciative inquiry frames the question differently and inquires what is happening that is positive.

Many people find this method better than solving the problem.

Problem solving solves the problem but you’re no better than before the problem existed. But appreciation increases positive feelings and actually appreciates in value the more you practice it.

And yes problems need to be solved

Gratitude? Or appreciation? Whatever you call it, it’s nice to live in the joy of each day’s march.

Don’t you think?

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