A Hard Day At the Office

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A Bad Day At The Office: About 15 years ago, I got a Xmas gig in Trenton for a paving company. David my husband, said, “Lets go for dinner. I will come with you and watch the show. When we arrived it was 5:30. People outside were so so drunk they couldn’t stand. Then we had to go through dinner and door prizes. I knew it was was bad when they wouldn’t go up for their free leather jackets. After this the guy who hired me. said, “Don’t rip us off. The last comic, gave us only 40 minutes! Give us an hour!” He handed me my cheque. ( You always want the check before these kind of gigs)  I turned to David and said ” Get the car, and stay outside and have the motor running. ” When I got up there I realized there was no light on the stage. Which would have been fine if I couldn’t see the audience. But I saw all of their slack jawed faces.   20 minutes in I wasn’t getting a laugh. NOT a peep. One guy got up and said “This broad is not funny. Then half the audience left.  Well then I thought “To heck with it!” So, I slowed down and gave them their hour! We left and put the cheque in the bank Every 15 kms, David would scream out in horror. “God, Deb THAT WAS BAD!!!!” And then we’d laugh uncontrollably.

Some days its a hard day.

You need to push past your hecklers. Do your job. Keep your sense of humour!


Gearing up the show at the Grand April 5-7th 2018.



Cant make the show? Well help out Kingston Hospice here!!