Knitting socks helped me write a Screenplay.

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I was so frustrated writing my screenplay that I started knitting.. I figured lets do two things badly.I am not a knitter. I failed 4-H but for some reason knitting gave my OCD a focus.  Settled the mind. Knitting and purling was like doing the rosary with wool.

New thing for me was if I made a mistake I didn’t keep knitting hoping it would correct itself. I tore it out and started again.  And before you know it I was knittin’socks with a pattern ( or rather let other knitters help me break knitters code-I swear I don’t know what half the directions mean, and the CSIS could hide national secrets in knitting patterns and nobody would know)

One day when I was tearing out a heel, I thought I am not angry. Not like I am when I was WRITING THE SCREENPLAY.  Because when I was writing I wanted to be GREAT. I had put that writing in neon lights. If I wrote a screenplay I WOULD BE A SOMEBODY. Whereas knitting was in lower case eight point font. A playful place where error could occur.


For me doing two things that challenge me, help feed the process. Knitting and writing intermittently I now am hobbling into lumpy third act wearing two socks that would fit a gal with elephantiasis.


I want to hear from you. Comment below on how you keep going on a project you really love?  Can walking feed your painting? Can painting feed your running?

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Can you put YOUR BIG DREAMS in lower case — and let yourself play.



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3 Responses to “Knitting socks helped me write a Screenplay.”

  1. Ljgordon

    Deborah, you are too funny!

    Okay, this sounds weird, but when I have writer’s block, I really look forward to a good bout of depression. It’s when I’m most sarcastic, most cutting, most clever – in other words, at my best.  At least, my best when I’m writing humour. It doesn’t serve me so well when I’m writing light women’s fiction, although it did take me down the road into the murder mystery genre, when i plotted to rid myself of an irksome husband (he’s feeling much better now) and came up with an entire 80,000 word ms.

    So I do things to make myself miserable: watch reality TV, take on a little DIY project like “easy-to-install” shelving, weigh myself – stuff like that. Then I get good and crabby and write really really funny stuff.  Then I get 87 rejection letters, get miserable again, and write more good stuff.

    that’s it, that’s my secret to creativity. BUT seriously, when I’m writing a novel, I make a point of phoning my writing friends to talk about our craft (because who else understands us?) and we share ideas, inspire each other, and get over the rough patches together.

    • Deborah

       LOL Yes I think community is key to it all. And murder mystery is the way to stay out of jail with husbands who get those man colds. Have a good one.


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