Knitting socks helped me write a Screenplay.

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I was so frustrated writing my screenplay that I started knitting.. I figured lets do two things badly.I am not a knitter. I failed 4-H but for some reason knitting gave my OCD a focus.  Settled the mind. Knitting and purling was like doing the rosary with wool.

New thing for me was if I made a mistake I didn’t keep knitting hoping it would correct itself. I tore it out and started again.  And before you know it I was knittin’socks with a pattern ( or rather let other knitters help me break knitters code-I swear I don’t know what half the directions mean, and the CSIS could hide national secrets in knitting patterns and nobody would know)

One day when I was tearing out a heel, I thought I am not angry. Not like I am when I was WRITING THE SCREENPLAY.  Because when I was writing I wanted to be GREAT. I had put that writing in neon lights. If I wrote a screenplay I WOULD BE A SOMEBODY. Whereas knitting was in lower case eight point font. A playful place where error could occur.


For me doing two things that challenge me, help feed the process. Knitting and writing intermittently I now am hobbling into lumpy third act wearing two socks that would fit a gal with elephantiasis.


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Can you put YOUR BIG DREAMS in lower case — and let yourself play.



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