How to Snap, Crackle and Pop Those Old Ways of Doing Things.

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Timmy’s Mom had three boys, Snap, Crackle and……

Did you say Pop?

Well the answer is Timmy.

This was the way speaker Steve Robbins CHANGE  started his talk at an event where I was presenting.

Like me, most of the audience answered pop. (even though the commercial has been off the air for years) it makes you see how we are programmed to respond.  Yes it was a great marketing campaign, but it makes you wonder, how many other things  you are reacting to in old automatic ways.

How many other ideas are stuck in that brain of yours, spewing out stories that have been long off the air?

People are creatures of habits. We like routine, some of us more than others. And in order to feel safe we start patterns that make it easy to get by. I have women that come to my show and every time they sit in the front row and in the same order. They all sing in the choir together and even more interesting they sit in the same formation they do at choir practice. 

They did it once, and it became a habit.

But life is fluid, and creative. It changes up on us. No more so than now.

One of the things I love teaching companies is how to improvise: how to look at change in a more positive lift.  I see more than ever we need to try and interrupt old thought patterns to get to better answers. Long term solutions for the new world reality.

The rule of improvisation is to say yes and see where it leads. This does not mean running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Its means leaning into the change and letting your experience lead you. And seeing if you say YES to it, where are the answers are. Leaning into it, makes it easier. And we also see answers that are right in front of us.

But leaning into yes means letting go of the old routines, and if you’re anything like me anything I let got of has claw marks all over it.  Even if its good change, I buck it.  And especially if its financial. God that old financial fear and anxiety.

But if we lean into yes you are reminded of your resiliency. You lasted this long. In six months this thing you’re freaking out about will be the new reality, and you’ll be onto something new.

That’s the way of it and you are going to be okay.

I want to hear from you. And if you have some old outdated routine you’re trying to shake up in your work or personal life, please email me or leave a comment below– I’d love to hear how you are being asked to say yes in your life.

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