How To Lean Into Uncertainty Without Falling off a Cliff!

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There is a joke about a guy who falls over a cliff and, as he’s falling to his death, he grabs onto a branch. He hears a voice from above and it says, “Let go, and I’ll catch you.”

The guy protests several times, saying, “No, no, I am too scared.”

Finally he lets go and… he crashes to the ground.

As he lays dying, he calls up to the heavens and pleads with the powers that be, “I thought you said you’d catch me.” And the voice above says, “I never liked you, you SOB.”

For years that was my belief system. I was sure that if I simply accepted whatever new thing was coming down the pike, that, like the falling man, I’d be dropped on my head.

For years, and regardless of things having worked out a thousand times before, my belief was that the universe is not a friendly place and that it would fail me.

Whenever change was afoot, I’d think: This will be the time I get dropped on my noggin, left to bleed to death on the side of the road. (Okay I am being a bit dramatic, but you get the idea.)

Maybe it’s because I’m older now or just plain exhausted, but I don’t fight change and uncertainty as much as I used to.

Whether the uncertainty has to do with relationships, the economy, a new job structure, or a health scare, I have learned that life will move us forward whether we want it to or not. I find if I accept new realities as they come, I can start to imagine how to cope with them that much better.

If I can show up and respond positively to change—do what I can, and leave the rest to people that know more than me—I can move into that peaceful place a bit faster.

And once I relinquish control it seems that what I am supposed to do next is revealed that much sooner. I ask questions, I get help from people who know what I need, and then change begins to feel much less frightening.

How do you deal with change and uncertainty in your life? Do you trust the next right thing will happen?

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