Gee Sets Me Straight On Harassment! (Tickets to Baby Grand On Sale)

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Sometimes we get very serious about what’s going on in the news. Its hard not to! But recently I was was visiting my 86 year old friend, Gee, and she set me straight on the entire subject.

See mentioned to her that I was performing at a mostly male conference in September and this was what she said:

Gee: Well you tell them right off the bat, they better not start with their sexual harrassment! Get up there and say I am Deborah Kimmett and I ….don’t want any of this sexual harassment nonsense.

Me: No. I can’t say that. Nobody would laugh f I said that!!! Its a formal dinner in a business setting.

Gee: That won’t stop them. Don’t think that will stop them. You say, “Hey! I am a lady. And I am a professional and you better not sexually harass me. Or pull out their do dad’s and take a picture.”

Me: They are not going to……. I am 60 years old, no one will be pulling out their ……I think I am pretty safe.

Gee: TELL THEM!!! Listen you think it can’t happen… can happen ! Tell them, this has been going on long enough. We are sick of this nonsense.

Me; Okay. I will think about it.

Gee: Don’t think about it. You draw a line in the sand! And then tell your little jokes. ( pause) Now have some shortbread. I made it myself.

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