Last Chance to See The Year of the Suddenly in 2018

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CBC Radio As it Happens, host Carol Off says.”Kimmett takes the heartbreaking and turns it into gut splitting humour” 

“When I was 30 I went to my brother and said I am sorry for hitting you with a frying pan. when we were kids. And he said, “Go to hell.”

And so when he got sick, the long path to forgiveness began.

” Suddenly is gripping. With every dip, every dive, every Suddenly you will be on the edge of your seats.” Dale Mugford, Double Barrel Studios Producer.

“Absotlutely gripping and hysterically funny.” Robin Craig, Actress Wind at My Back.

The Year of The Suddenly is playing one last time in 2018.

Oct 25, 2018  7 pm in Madoc United Church Madoc Ontario.