The Amazing Contribution of People at Community Living.

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Pleased to present to the Community Living  folks in Picton in late 2016.

These people are a small but inspired group of front line workers who make sure folks with learning and physical challenges have access to affordable housing and are included in the community.

They had cpme together for a two day conference to brainstorm ways to have people with intellectual challenges be ‘part of’ their neighbourhood not ‘apart from” it.

This meant they were going to spend two days of their time to create a new reality for folks that need it.

Now these people are already working tirelessly for the vulnerable in our community.

Often under-staffed and most likely with very little cash.

Add to that, they now show up to hear my message of Laughter is The Best Medicine at seven o’clock at night — after a full day’s work ( and for some a long drive as well) They were the best audience.   All excited to find new ways to make their clients lives better….well, its nothing short of awe-inspiring.

community living

I have the easy role in this. I get to eat dinner with great people and then be funny.  I talk about stress of work, and then add in how new ideas get implemented.

I talk about the 4 C’s of Change. But after I got home to bed, they have two days ahead of them. Doing the grunt work of figuring out how the ideas will get implemented.

The enthusiasm is palpable. And the wisdom in the room, is vast.  They are folks with years sometimes decades of hands on experience working with people with intellectual needs.

So they know what is needed.

And they want to find a way to make it work.

I felt lucky having been part of this great night. And want to give them a big shout out for all the work they do.

Happy Wednesday!

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