My Not So Secret Recipe For Happy!

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Here is my secret recipe for happy.

For years now, I’ve got up and written out a detailed gratitude list of the good things that happened the day before.

Small things I love, people that showed up and helped.

I don’t ‘think’ this gratitude list. I write it down. With my pen and hand.

No matter how bad life ( and there have been bad times) I have found that there have always been small mercies each day. For me, gratitude has a chemical reaction. I really feel the anxiety decrease with gratitude.

                                                YOUR NEUROSIS DU JOUR.

After the gratitude list, I make a neurosis du jour list. And frankly since happy is the goal, I try to make it a shorter list than gratitude.

I write out the things I am worried about -or that I don’t have answers to yet. 

I ponder each item.

I ask for insights and intuitive thoughts to have that problem reduced or resolved.

I imagine myself getting the answer at the right time.

When I start panicking again, which believe me, I do, I bring myself back to the moment. To the day. I imagine myself in the answer.

                                                 This takes all of five minutes.

And then I go for a walk. Not every day, but almost.

I am a thinker. I could just sit around and be in a brain in a jar.

But I find the brain can sort out a lot of answers to things when the body is moving. Walking through my neighborhood I see how interesting people are. How wonderful the surroundings can be.

I often get answers during my walk I didn’t have before I started.

Jokes get a punchline. Money gets found. 

I remember someone I could call to get some wisdom.

I think of how lucky I am to be out moving my body.

My other action is this.

I find someone to be of service. 

We need to get out of ourselves.

And helping someone else helps you be happier!
It doesn’t need to be a big thing.
It might be just smiling at the barista. Or calling someone you know is hurting. Or send an ‘I am thinking of you’ card.
Getting out of ourselves and our own problems helps unlock that choked up isolated part of ourselves.

                                          We all have a forgetter button.

We forget that things work out. That forgetter button got installed early on in life. So these
short disciplines remind me that I have just enough for this day.
Like me, you have a right to have some peace but you need to encourage it a bit.

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