My Shows Can Get Your Sense Of Humour Back.

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“Kimmett is the funniest comic out there. She delivers smart and sassy humour.”

– Steve Paterson (Host of CBC Debaters)

Is your organization looking for one great evening of laughter?
Do you need a break from all the negative news out there?
Looking for a show that can raise your spirits?

Well, break out the waterproof mascara. One Funny Lady Deborah Kimmett’s shows will have you rolling in the aisle.


A regular on CBC Radio’s Debaters for 12 years, and a stand-up comic for 40 years, Deborah appears regularly on CBC TV’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival. She is the author of 4 books, and a nominee for the National Award for Humour. Let’s just say this Second City veteran is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Two of Deborah’s popular shows:

That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier

 Based on her book by the same name, this show takes stock of what it’s like to be a modern woman. From balancing work, to having kids, to giving something your all, Kimmett explores the struggle to see what we contribute to the world. Join Deborah as she talks about:


  • Teenagers stealing all your hormones
  • Voting her husband off the island at age 50
  • Having 20-somethings back in the basement, fighting zombies
  • How a cat with a can on its head healed her depression


This is a perennial favourite with all women of all ages, because it celebrates the power of womanhood at all stages of life. Deb offers wise tips on how to transform your losses into victories, all with sass and humour.



Downward-Facing Broad


A comedic look at the frustrations, perils, and yes, even joys, of aging. Think of this show as a stand-up/storytelling master class on how life becomes a slippery slope once the seniors’ discount kicks in. How do we stay visible and viable past a certain age? Join Deborah as she:


  • Apologizes to all the grandmothers she ever poked fun at
  • Confronts her daughter’s sexual harasser with rosary beads
  • Rants about how we now have the largest aging population in Canadian history (“We’re like Canada Geese – squawking and sh*tting everywhere.”)
  • Goes head to head in Arizona with a sexist Rotarian (pistols may have been involved)
  • Discovers that the merits of invisibility may include shoplifting.

Check out these clips of Deborah’s hilarious work:

 Deborah’s shows are positive and punch up and can be customized to suit your demographic. Both run 45-75 minutes.

 To find out more, or to Book Deborah:


Call: 647-383-9665