Not so funny, this thing called Money.

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Personally I have found getting right with your money, is not about math. It’s not about getting a bigger calculator. Its about seeing the truth about what it does to you when you look at it. The emotions that come up tell you where you are and how much power it holds over your life.

But it can be changed. By getting HONEST. By feeling, dealing and getting real with what is really going on. Look at it.

HERE are some things I did to get right with my money.

Read Soul of Money.

I stopped debting.(with help) and
Kept track of what I was spending.

I created time and space for me in my spending plan, to do things I loved.

Got my spending in line with what I valued.

Stopped people pleasing, and had more cash.

And got honest about saving for what I loved, not what I wanted.

It can change.
It can get better.

Heal it. You heal your life. From a woman still in process.

Tell me below in the comments section, what you have done to get right with money.

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