Old Age Security is an Oxymoron (+Upcoming Shows)

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Old age security is an oxymoron. There is no security at any age.

Don’t waste your time worrying about that you are not old enough, not experienced enough, too old, too experienced! Each day share your talents, your love and your passions with your world. Some days you will be recognized. Other days you won’t. Some days you will be paid well, and other days you won’t.

Don’t wait for another birthday, another age to define you.

This is your life! Live it now.


Thanks for the Memories: Writing Workshop!  Sunday, April 28th, 2019. This one day workshops sets stage for memory to sit down for a visit. Learn how to capture your stories in the way you hear them in your head. @The Commons on College SPECIAL: $99.00!  89.00 for Arts Workers! ( email me to sign up before April 5th)


Toronto: April 4th CBC TAPING  Alumnae Theatre! SOLD OUT

Peterborough June 6th, Showcase Theatre. (TICKETS ON SALE NEXT WEEK)


Last Weekend:  March 22nd Grace Hall, in SydenhamNot only a fantastic audience but we asked for the audience to help the  South Frontenac Community Services food bank and we received 400 bucks for their cause. What a great community spirit.

Here are some audience reviews.

  • Karen Kelly great show Deborah..laughter is such great medicine!! thank you!!
  • Irene Casey Awesome show Deb! I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard! Kim provided the perfect accompaniment. Loved it!
  • Colleen LaHaise I had such a great time too! It was so great to look over and see Glen laughing aloud. Thanks!
  • Heather Kembel Great show, Deb! So much laughter, my cheeks still hurt this morning.
  • Lauren Stinson Great show as always!! We laughed till our cheeks hurt …not the Arse cheeks….the other ones!!


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