Put Your Big Girl Panties On And Deal With It

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Its time to stop worrying and put my big girl panties on and do it.

Last week I was in Thunder Bay, speaking for a great group, called OPBA. In my free time I walked along Lake Superior looking out at the island called the Sleeping Giant.  I was fidgety. But, looking at that vast body of water I could feel my mind settle.

See I don’t know if you have gone through this, but at the moment I have a lot of ideas out there in the world.  Some are on target and some have big questions marks around them.  And others still look like they might  fall off the radar.

The focus now is putting my best effort out there without getting too caught up in the results.

I do the footwork and the universe shows up with the people.


                                                                   What does putting on your BIG GIRL PANTIES mean?

It means you need to put yourself out there and dare to fail. Dare to succeed. Its the high wire act of detachment knowing that if one idea doesn’t work out the next one will. I am at the age where its only way to fly. I have had so much proof that my life works better when I do the actions and stop trying to control outcomes.

Putting Your Big Girl Panties on means being Awake!

As I looked over the Sleeping Giant, I found it ironic, that I feel more awake than I ever have before.  This past five years has been coming out of a fog and owning the deeper self. I am speaking and writing and I got this online workshop almost ready to go (  Tell A Better Story ” ( an online writing coaching course in October)

While taking action for this product it feels as if I am reclaiming my mission in life. I am sharing the 40 years of writing and teaching I have put in,  plus its a really good way to hold space for other creative souls.

As I stood on the beach of Lake Superior, I saw some fear and anticipation bouncing across the waves but although the Sleeping Giant didn’t budge, I was sure I heard him thinking, “Oh for god sake!  Put on your big girl panties and do it.”

Have you got something in your personal or business life that needs launching?

Commit in the section below actions you will take today to make them happen.

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