Rehearse So It Will Look Like You Made it Up. (Kingston Shows Selling Fast)

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This email contains a blog: Rehearse So It Will Look Like You Just Made It Up. ( PLUS my tour date for Kingston Show The Year of The Suddenly. TICKETS SELLING FAST)


Rehearse: When I speak to companies going through change, I see often the importance of rehearsal is overlooked.

Some organizations implement a huge change and expect their employees to know things and do them perfectly, automatically.

But it takes practice to become proficient, to make things look effortless. It takes rehearsal to make things go seamlessly.

In my business rehearsal process is built in to the process.

Lucille Ball rehearsed her hilarious comic routines until they were perfect.

Gene Kelly rehearsed Singing in the Rain for hours and hours.

My one woman shows take anywhere from 6 weeks to several months to prepare.

On a bigger scale a musical like Phantom of the Opera took nearly 2 years to become what you see today.

It was being performed at night and during the day the cast was perfecting moves and music cues.

Even improv work  took a lot of  rehearsing.   But you say,  “Isn’t improv just making it up as you go?’

It is technically.

But when I worked at Second City we did workshops 4 afternoons a week, doing exercises and mock sketches so our improv muscles would be warmed up for the evening shows.

When I deliver a talk I research the organization. Write jokes for that particular group and often I tape myself  on my IPAD to see what it looks and sounds like.

So the same is true for when you are implementing new business ideas, policies, and technologies.

The more you rehearse the freer you will be to improvise!

So rehearse. rehearse, rehearse. That way whatever way the audience responds you can walk away knowing you did your best.

And speaking of rehearsal I am going into rehearsal for another run of my show The Year of The Suddenly. Coming to Kingston Baby Grand on April 5-7th 2018. LIMITED SEATING.

Toronto Shows: June 9th and 10th 2018@ The Red Sandcastle Theatre. Tickets go on sale next week!!


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