Reporting Live from Winnipeg Comedy Festival

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Having quite a great weekend here in Winnipeg at the Comedy Festival.

Listen in: Wednesday October 3rd For The Debaters.

Tonight am taping the gala for CBC TV’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival. My topic is Mars vs. Venus and why love is hard after 50. Not hard to come up with a few good lines, especially for an old crone like me.

It will air on CBC TV in the fall.

Plus am doing another debate for the great comedy radio show, The Debaters ( Why Downton Abbey is the best show on TV) I am pro Downton, so not hard to get some funny for the plus side of being a Dowager.

Plus: Tomorrow I am interviewing comic John Wing finally. (we had to keep rescheduling)

He’s one of the smartest comics out there and appeared on Johnny Carson 27 times. ( for you, younguns, that was the guy before Jay Leno!) He has had many CBC shows and appears regularly on Just For Laughs.

John tells us how he finds the funny in life and his method of writing.  As well he shares his love of poetry.

Little known fact: John has written 12 books of poetry.

You won’t want to miss this newsletter which comes out in two weeks!

So I am hoping that will be a real treat for you.

I am off to learn my lines but reminding you to sign up for ONE DAY WRITERS RETREAT outside Toronto. If you want to be a writer but are afraid to start, this is safe, fun and luxurious. There are few spots left. SIGN UP NOW!

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