Whether on the page or on the stage, Deborah Kimmett is a change expert with decades of teaching change to organization, she inspires her clients to say yes to new realities, push past their resistance and keep their sense of humour.


How Improvisation Helps Business With Innovation.

“Remember the five year plan? How about the 5 five minute plan.” With a disruption a daily occurrence, businesses need to be quick to adapt and say yes to new realities, In this highly engaging presentation, Kimmett shows you how improvisational skills can help you adapt to new realities, what to do to set the environment for creativity and the key steps to move from an idea to implementation. ( Keynote Workshop 45-75 min)   PRESS HERE FOR PODCAST ON IMPROV TO INNOVATION.

 Satisfied clients include: RBC, OMEC, BMO, Union Gas.


How Storytelling Helps You Rock Your Business. ( Keynote and workshop)

Whether its an ice-breaker, a success story or an anecdote that reflect the company values, storytelling is a powerful tool to help keep employees and clients engaged. In this highly interactive keynote you will learn how to build a good business story for yourself, your department and your organization, Satisfied clients include: RBC, Hamilton HRPAO chapter, Workplace Conference in Ottawa, and OEMC. Keynote or Workshop (60-90 min)


Laughter Is the Best Medicine. ( Entertaining Keynote on stress, resilience, and change)

This hilarious keynote is good for what ails you. Espousing the benefits of laughter Kimmett will have your attendees walking away with an aching jaws from laughter and reframed perspective.  Great kickoff to the day. An ender for a team building day,  or celebrating your volunteers.  Satisfied clients include Brockville Hospital Foundation. Ontario Long Term Care, PAVRO, Queens University Department of Family Medicine, Health Canada, and Volunteer Hospice Associations in Ontario.


Say Yes to Move Forward ( Keynote and Workshop- Change, resilence,)

After you say YES, life gets interesting. As a 40 year improv expert Deborah will help you lean into uncertainty, let go of energy sucking behaviours and move forward with a energized attitude. This keynote is a stand alone talk, or Deborah can tailor make it to tie up the themes of your conference before participants head back to the office. Satisfied Clients: BMO, RBC, support worker and health care conferences, Corrections, and The BC Aging Conference. Keynote or Workshop ( 60-90 min)


That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier. ( Entertaining Keynote)

Does your workplace need to laugh? Based on Deborah’s book by of the same name, this hilarious talk deals with the challenge of work/life balance. The key messages are about the power of yes, how to evict energy sucking behavours, and dealing with life when it throws you a curve ball. Clients that got their sense of humour back: Algonquin College’s Ladie’s Night Out. The Ontario Support Workers Conference, PEC Community Of Seniors, First Nations Port Hope, Ontario Youth and Child Workers, and International Women’s Day. Keynote (30-75 min


Want to add value to your next conference? Supersize your experience, and hire to emcee or add a breakout session- fill your day filled with laughter and learning.

Praise From My Clients

You were Outstanding.The reviews are in, and you hit a home run at Algonquin College’s Girls’ Night Out event! People absolutely loved you!

Jamie Bramburger Algonquin College, April 2013 Fundraising Event

If I took anything away, it was a big smile on my face from your stories. Laughed till I had tears! You are one funny, talented & crazy inspirational lady!

Attendee a K- Rock Inspiration2Women April 25th 2013

Your talk received great reviews. As the organizer, I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for everything.

Janeeen Halliwell, We Move Forward Conference Isla Mujeres Mexico.


Her delivery was entertaining, energizing, interactive and relevant. The audience left re-energized and rewarded with both reframed perspectives and skills they could put into practice right away.

Verna Morrow,
St. Lawrence College

She made 100 psychiatrists laugh.

Christina Raposa,
Scarborough Hospital for Mental Health


After You Say yes, life gets Interesting.


Why You Need ImprovisationTo Thrive in Business