Deb Kimmett’s Seven Minute Writer Toolkit

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The Seven Minute Writer Toolkit

A do it yourself  toolkit that gets your creative juices flowing seven minutes at a time.

Are you suffering from a bad case of Writers Block?

Have you got a  great ideas but don’t know what to do with them?

Do you say you want to write but claim you don’t have the time?

That’s why I created the Seven Minute Writer Toolkit. I believe anyone you can do anything for seven minutes. You just need to know how to get started and stay started:

This inspiring and motivational digital product consists of 7 podcasts and 7 written lessons designed to reboot your writing life. And get the creative juices flowing.  A great system that will

  • You will learn how to get past your doubt.
  • Access your creative right brain.
  • Access memories by activating your sensory side.
  • Brainstorm your idea.
  • Map out the story.
  • How to Develop a Good Suddenly.
  • Bonus Exercises to keep you motivated.

Drip-feed this toolkit to yourself over a few weeks. Binge learn and write all weekend.

Or use as a motivational tool for your writers group. Or its great for caregivers trying to get people to remember their stories.

Perfect for the self-starter, disciplined introvert who wants to write on their own.

Need more hand holding and group hugs?  Well come on over to the seven minute and sign up for my Fall 2016 Tell A Better Story Bootcamp!  It starts October 16, 2016.



Thumbs Up for The Seven Minute Toolkit:

“If you’ve ever wanted to write, and you feel intimidated or overwhelmed or you just don’t quite know how to start getting those ideas out on the page, I cannot recommend highly enough Deborah Kimmett‘s The Seven Minute Writer Toolkit. What an absolute breath of fresh air. It’s so accessible, yet really makes your mind work differently to get around those writer’s blocks.” Carly Jones, Editor and Writer.

“Beginning writers will be encouraged to uncap the pen and seasoned writers will learn an arsenal of exercises to train their inner Flannery O’Connor. You will unlock the block by kicking doubt, it will train the writing “muscle” by accessing the senses, giving depth to your writing. Deborah gets your butt in the chair and the ideas into ink.” Ben Jenkins, Poet.

“Love, love working with Deborah Kimmett. My story now has a direction and a way forward. It is so worth working with a professional writer to learn what to do next. And this new study program gives it all to writers at one, simple package”     Marilyn Shannon, Psychic.

“Deborah’s Seven Minute Writer unlocked my creative writing block, I had been struggling with for two years.” Rachel Atlas, French Teacher.

“Kimmett’s approach is refreshing and full of great hands on info. Plus, she’s just a bit cheeky about the whole process.”  Melissa Webster. Student.

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