You +Me + Your Idea.

 Focused Coaching to launch your book, script, keynote. Let me be your creative midwife.

Great ideas plus accountability schedule and coaching tips  for months to come.

Would you like to get your novel/ play/ memoirs written this year?

Do you have a lot of good ideas running around in your head, but need help framing the idea?

Do you have a great idea but need someone to help you and to be your guide during the process? 

You have expertise in one field. And you have a brilliant idea you want to communicate to people. You know people would love to hear your story. People say your delivery would rock it.

Your point of view is needed in this wounded world.

But time and life seems to stop you from launching.

As a professional writer and speaker I have had many of those questions and fears. Having great ideas but needing focus and accountability to get the work done.

Over twenty years ago I was trying to be a playwright and breaking out of sketch comedy to writing a full length play scared me to no end. Plus the play I was writing was  a deeply personal story about my premature daughter so it was hard to be honest. Hard to capture the ideas I had rolling around in my head and say them on paper.  But I had a mentor who made sure I sat down daily and wrote. She made me commit to my idea and work with on a regular basis. If I stalled she would give me a talking to and put me back on track.

The play was published and did well, and then I became a motivational speaker and that same avoidance came up again. It wasn’t that I didn’t have ideas, I just didn’t know how or where to start. I needed someone again to coach me to the next level.

But with a lot of experience, mentorship and a lot of writing and performing hours logged, I started to recognize that this two things are needed when you want to go  from “good enough to great.” You need accountability and focus. And you need someone on your side.

Someone to help birth that baby!

That is why I developed this signature system. It  not only gets you to sit down and write, in manageable amounts of time, it offers you an organized system to focus your ideas. With techniques to sneak past your doubt, by writing in seven minute time periods and using my own cloud technology I will help you show folks what you know. You will write from a place that is honest. You will learn how to share your journey in a way that will have your readers and audience members in the palm of your hands.

And although most of my writing has been funny  I can teach you to ground your stories in the deeper truths about life that you want to tell.

Whether its fiction or non, whether you are writing for the stage or the page I teach you the tools of delivering your powerful message.

I do not judge you. Or offer prescriptions.

No I do what my mentors did. I ask the right questions that will help unhook you and help build your confidence when doubt hits. You can learn all the tricks of the trade I have used over 30 years in the writing for CBC TV and Radio. The ways I learned to deliver a spoken word versus the written word.

You will learn how to trust your own voice, your own sense of humour and shape stories into effective and engaging messages.

So don’t put your dream on hold anymore, let’s spend the next while together.

How it Works:

After you sign up we find do three back to back online coaching sessions to lay out the ideas. ( for online retreat for International Students we do it all on WEBEX)  In person we will have a day together  for about 4 -5 hours where we will brainstorm your book into reality. We will take it step by step: “Mind Mapping” your book or speech outline, creating a framework for your ideas, highlighting what you know, working out how to show your ideas rather than tell them, we will decide a name and segment titles, an introduction and even introductory material.   Lunch is on me.

In the afternoon we will talk through the idea together with me coaching you to get more detailed. More specific.

By day’s end, you will have a workable blueprint for the following weeks.

PLUS I’ll set you up for success with laser focused exercises and a creative writing schedule to keep you focused and on track for completing your book or script.

For the next 6 months you will receive bi-weekly video prompts and audio pep talks designed to keep going you inspired and accountable. Yes I want to help you by telling me what you are doing.

This VIP Authors Program also includes  THREE  60 minute follow-up phone sessions.

This means every two months we will look at what you’re doing. I read it and make suggestions on the chapters  and stories you wish to make changes on.

You can ask me questions and if you’re stuck I provide a chiropractic adjustment and guide you gently over the road bumps you encounter on the journey.

Yes 6 months is fast. But I feel people get more done when its a shorter compressed amount of time.The longer the course the more the procrastination.  Yes you are busy.  But if you want it you will commit to this the time of now.

This kind of coaching is not for everyone. Its for folks ready to leap into a commitment. Also think before you sign up as there is a non refundable 200 deposit.


If you are want to get your book  or speech out to the world this year, please email me for an application. THIS VIP authoring program often has a waiting list so if you want to get your book and talk done APPLY NOW.


(Non refundable $200 deposit. Think before you sign up!!)


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