Shrill: Debs Weekly Recommendation for TV Bingeing.

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Shrill on Crave TV is brilliant. Seeing Aidy Bryant do anything is bliss but she is excellent in this. Based on Lindy West’s memoir: Shrill Notes from a Loud Woman: Just right the tone for making a point but never at the expense of the humor. And as a woman who has fought the weight battle from puberty, I resonated with her at a deep, soulful level. People telling her her wrists are thin ( happened to me) And you have such a nice face as they eye you up and down. The subtle hints to imply you are not healthy. And also the societal conditioning that there is one ideal body size out there if you wanted it. Its a radical act of self-acceptance to approve of yourself. The only problem is its only 5 episodes and I hate myself for binge watching it. I devoured it like butterscotch pudding.

Work is slowing down for the summer. I will be so glad to enjoy some sun when we get it.


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