Be A Fearless Leader: Enhance Your Storytelling Skills. (New Keynote)

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Experts tell us 80 % of all communication is story telling.
On a personal level you likely know that even a short story or one joke can inspire, create connection and even help with remembering difficult concepts.

You may be very good at storytelling when you are telling stories with friends and family. But telling a business story can often intimidate you.

There is more at stake. ( And, maybe you are a bit afraid to risk making a fool of yourself?)

I have created a brand new keynote that will help you polish your story telling abilities.

Whether you work in a corporation, not for profit or as a small business, I want to help you know why, when and how to use business story telling to engage your people.

You will:

1) Learn how and when to use story to inspire, demonstrate company values, and create connection.
2) The 4 P’s of story telling. ( Point. Plot. Place. People)
3) Show ideas rather than just tell them.
4) Develop a repertoire of stories you can have in your back pocket. With check lists and reminders you can take with you.
This fun and highly energetic keynote is for you want you and your team to:
Up your presentation skills.
Learn ways to up your game with one on one leadership coaching.
Want ways to engage your customers more effectively.
Keynote can be 60-90 minutes. Its fun, safe and interactive.
Good for groups 20 to 300.
There is a workshop version that runs 2 hours.
We offer not- for-profit rates.
Contact Aysun at
Deborah Kimmett is the author of The Seven Minute Writer a toolkit that teaches people how to tell good stories. She is a Toronto-based humorist,  speaker, and teaches businesses how to make their stories stand out. A  perennial favourite on the speaker circuit she speaks on change and storytelling She coaches leaders privately and conducts one day retreats.
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